With yet another Wave Gotik Treffen coming to an end tonight I'm getting a bit nostalgic to miss the annual worldwide and probably largest gothic scene meet-up for the second year in a row. I might have grown out of that everyday extreme gothic appearance that I used to have in my teenage years, but in my heart I guess it's save to say that I just can't help it but to stay goth in some way. ;) I'm still listening to the same old music, most things black still works best for me (if it wasn't branded 'goth' then I'd go for Coco, stating that it just matches everything), still a nyctophile person,...

Missing this festival also means to miss another opportunity to shoot some of the gorgeous visitors for the magazine Pfingstgeflüster, which I contributed to for five years. Organizing the shootings for this occasion definitely helped to meet some really great and inspiring people.

This year will be the 10 year-anniversary edition of Pfingstgeflüster, so in order to celebrate with them, here are my favorite pictures from all shootings I had over the years:

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