I think it's time to say that the period of great indoor concerts officially kicked off. It's finally Rocktober!!

On the other hand I find it hard to believe that September is gone already. Time flew by like nothing and especially the transition between the months was pretty busy and packed with challenging lights, dynamic performances, good music and nice memories.

For example when I met Guillaume of RIUCHI before and after his stunning circus-meets-lightshow-performance at Project Arts Centre as part of Dublin Fringe Festival. It was great to watch the artist warming up before the actual performance and have a peek into what happens before the curtain lifts up - or in this case before the audience gets into the venue.

The next great stop was DRAGONFORCE. Not just the band itself in a smaller intimate venue like Whelan's, but the fact that I shared a 'pit' again with Shaun. Double-teaming for The Thin Air and Goldenplec is always a pleasure and makes me love being a concert photographer even more.

Not much after this I attended the what appears to be best concert I experienced this year: The magical sounds of YANN TIERSEN, known besides his great albums for the soundtrack to "Amélie". See my brief review about shooting this performance at

After a short intermezzo outside my usual range with XZIBIT, B-REAL and DEMRICK in Dublin's Voodoo Lounge I signed up for another contribution - shooting LA based band ALLAH-LAS at The Workman's Club. After various rants I doubted I would get anything beyond 'terrible', but the lights were actually great and the band was a blast. They were even up for a chat after the show was finished, really great lads.

Rocktober started with another film composer I really admire: The amazing JOZEF VAN WISSEM brought his lute to Dublin and charmed the audience with bits and pieces of the "Only Lovers Left Alive" soundtrack and other pieces he composed. Very atmospheric, very intense, very nice man. I'm more than glad that he was up for a spontaneous portrait after his performance.

The week went on with a great festival called HARD WORKING CLASS HEROES which provides advice for upcoming bands, gives them a platform to promote their music and gets them in touch with important national and international festival bookers and agents.

While covering this festival I had other appointments inbetween: DARKEST ERA at Voodoo Lounge and MADBALL the day after at Fibber Magee's. What a schedule. I'm not complaining though - rather looking forward for all things to come!!

What gigs will you cover in Rocktober, fellow photographers? Which concerts are you eager to attend, music lovers? Discovered an awesome new band recently? Get in touch and let me know about it!

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